Funds Distribution

Elea Capital offers carefully selected funds invested in both listed and unlisted assets


Real Estate

Diversification : SCPI invested in the office market throughout Germany’s highly dynamic cities and conurbations



SRI : European Mid Cap Equity fund awarded 3 stars by FNG and managed using an ESG  Momentum analysis  on each company


Private Equity

Thematic Growth Capital Funds : Healthcare, Impact Investing, Innovation/Tech and Energy Transition


Independent Advisory

Through its subsidiary Elea Conseil, Elea Capital offers a large range of bespoke services


Financial Investment Advisory

Elea Capital assits fund management companies in their marketing activities with FIA’s, platforms and Private Banks.

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Elea Capital, SARL au capital de 126 670 euros, est enregistrée en tant que Conseiller en Investissements Financiers, sous le numéro ORIAS 13000595

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